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The goal of the Asian Surfing Championships is to grow the sport of surfing in Asia from the grassroots level by assisting each country in creating organized and sanctioned events that will develop the skills of their surfers in healthy competition as well as to draw attention to their area for the progression of surfing locally, nationally, and throughout the Asian region.

Mega Semadhi Surfer Profile by Indo Inc Productions


Mega Semadhi is the Winner of The 2013 Rip Curl Padang Padang Cup Winner.

Semadhi, a Pecatu (Bukit Peninsula) local, was absolutely ecstatic with his win in his 10th Rip Curl Cup appearance, as he was so close to tasting victory the year before just to have it snatched away from him in the final seconds by California’s Chris Ward.

“This win means so much to me, here at my home and in front of my family, and because of last year too”, said Semadhi at the last Padang Padang Cup

The Rip Curl Cup has a longstanding tradition of running in only the best waves with the best tuberiders in the world, which at a wave like Padang Padang requires a lot of patience.  Will Padang Padang prove again this year that it can deliver one of the best barrel riding experience?


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Asian Surfing Championships Announces the Maldives Open 2014

11 July 2014, Male-Maldives: The Asian Surfing Championships in cooperation with the Maldives Surfing Association and the Maldives Body Boarding Association are proud to announce the addition of the inaugural Maldives Open 2014 to the 2014 ASC tour schedule as an ASC Grade 3 event with a total prize purse of $15,000 over the three divisions of Men’s Open, Women’s, and Body Boarding. The event will take place from September 3-7 at Lohis Point and will be hosted by the Adaaran Hudhuran Fushi Resort.


Lohis Point at the Adaaran Hudhuran Fushi Resort is a machine-like lefthand wave that peels perfectly down the coral reef for often hundreds of meters, and has been the site of ASP World Qualifying Series (the world’s top professional surfing organization) events in the past due to its quality, consistency, and accessibility. Offering up barrel sections as well as steep wall sections for carves, lip hacks, and the occasional punt section, this wave will allow the competitors to display their full repertoire of maneuvers during their heats, and often all on the same wave.

“This place is simply amazing,” exclaimed ASC President Tipi Jabrik on his visit to the island. “Looking out at this wave from this deck and seeing these perfect waves, and then realizing I’m on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean but with a complete resort with every kind of food and accommodation level, snorkeling, a soccer field and many other activities…even Indonesian masseuses in the spa! This is my first trip here to the Maldives and I can’t wait to come back for the event. In fact, I’ll even bring my family along when I come back for the event,” he added.

The idea for the Maldives Open 2014 was originally proposed to the Maldives Minister of Tourism Mr. Ahmed Adeeb in early 2014 by Abdulla “Fuku” Areef, who although a surfer himself is the president of the Maldives Body Boarding Association. The idea was accepted by the Minister Adeeb with the request that the MBBA as the local event organizer and the ASC as the international sanctioning organization sign a 5-year MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in order to ensure the goals of growing the sport of surfing and body boarding in the Maldives by having yearly events are accomplished.

In his speech before the signing, ASC General Manager Tim Hain first thanked Minister Adeeb for his vision, commitment and support of surfing in the Maldives and by extension the entire Asian region, and then thanked the MBBA and the MSA for their hard work in bringing this event to fruition after years of effort.

The Maldives Open 2014 is a Maldives Tourism Ministry funded event with the Maldives Body Boarding Association and the Maldives Surfing Association as co-organizers, and the Adaaran Hudhuran Fushi Resort as the host and a primary sponsor. The event is also being supported by Red Bull and is awaiting final confirmation from other sponsors.

Indo Inc Productions will be part of the crew from the Asian Surfing Championship Tour to film the whole event, and give to the public a feedback of one of the great steps of the ASC tour!

Indo Inc Productions, Video Production in Bali, at the Quiksilver Padma Challenge

Videos by Indo Inc Productions:

Reef Doig Takes Out the Quiksilver Padma Challenge – Taina Hinckel Wins Roxy Padma Challenge

22 June 2014, Kuta-Bali:  In a surprising upset yesterday in the Quiksilver Padma Challenge at Padma Beach in Bali, 16 year old Reef Doig took down Bali’s top ASC ranked pro surfers in an exciting final battle as thousands of spectators looked on.

Reef, Australian by nationality but raised in Bali, defeated 3-time Asian Surfing Champion Raditya Rondi, number 3 ranked Garut Widiarta, and 2010 Indonesian Pro and Pro Junior Champion Putra Hermawan in the four-man final to claim his first ASC sanctioned event victory, to both his surprise and the delight of his Padma Boys Boardriders Club mates. “I’ve looked up to these guys my whole life growing up here in Bali,” said Reef.  “Getting the win over them today…wow, there’s not a better feeling. I’m on top of the world!”

“I’m back here on holidays as I’ve been going to school in Australia this year, just having fun, surfing and hanging out, then Akung from the Padma Boys told me I should do the comp and so I signed up.  So stoked I did!” he added.

In a day that was truly a day for the up-and-coming groms, the Women’s Division was won by 11-year-old Taina Hinckel from Brazil, who did some lion slaying of her own, besting 5-time Indonesian Women’s Champion Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea in a final where all the competitors except for Gea were under 16 years old. “I’m so happy to win this contest today,” said Taina.  “This is the best moment of my surfing career!”   Taina has only been surfing for four years, but put on a great display of critical surfing that kept her scoring points and obviously impressing the judging panel. 

At the end of the day, Quiksilver Contest Director Tipi Jabrik was asked to comment on this the first event of the ASC tour season.  “The event went really well, as the waves were going both left and right it gave everybody a fair chance.  We had great winners in Reef and Taina, and everybody had a great time today.  Thanks to the Quiksilver, Coca-Cola, and Garuda, and all who came out to participate and support the event.”

The Quiksilver Padma Challenge saw surfers from many countries attending: Brazil, France, the Philippines, Japan, India, Thailand, Taiwan, the USA, and Australia and was presented by Quiksilver, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia, Boardriders Café, Single Fin, Jim Beam, San Miguel, supported by the Padma Boys Boardriders Club and sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championships.

Credit: Tim Hain

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ASC Awards Trip to G-Land filmed by Indo Inc Productions

Asia’s 2013 Surfing Champions Score Epic G-Land on ASC Awards Trip to G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp

To check out video highlight of the trip by Sean Gilhooley (Indo Inc Productions):


21 May 2014, Kuta-Bali: The ASC’s 2013 pro surfing champions were treated to an all-expense paid 3-day surf trip to the legendary G-Land (Grajagan in East Java) from the 16th to 18th of May, thanks to the generosity of G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp.  And as if a free surf trip wasn’t already enough, the wave at Speedy’s was going off at a solid 6-8 foot when the crew arrived on Friday!

After the 1.5 hour speedboat ride from Kuta Beach across the Bali Strait to the wild jungles of the Alas Purwo National Park, home to one of the world’s most perfect lefthand pointbreak setups known to the international surfing community as G-land, the ASC crew was transported to their accommodations at Bobby’s Surf Camp by the infamous and timeless Jungle Taxi.

The ASC team included 2013 ASC Open Champion Raditya Rondi (Bali), runner up Dede Suryana (West Java), and 3rd ranked Garut Widiarta (Bali), with Master’s Champion Wayan “Kopling” Wirtama (Bali), Women’s Champion Rina Kitazawa (Japan), and Junior Division runner up Riman (Bali). 2013 Junior Champion Raju Sena (Bali) was unable join in due to a major school exam.

After a quick breakfast and throwing bags into their rooms, the surfers hurriedly waxed their surfboards, tightened down their fins, and double-checked leg ropes in preparation for taking on the pumping waves, while Sean Gilhooley from Indo Inc Productions and ASC GM Tim Hain scrambled to set up camera’s and video gear before heading out to the lineup with veteran boatman Alan.

With 6-8 foot bombs and spitting barrels reeling down the reef, it was every pro surfer’s dream come true. Arguably the best wave of the day was nailed by Dede Suryana at the very start of the session, but of course it went unrecorded. Suryana, who had lagged behind the rest of the crew, sneakily paddled out into the lineup instead joining the others on the boat. As the boat got close to the lineup and before the cameras were even out, Suryana appeared out of nowhere, dropping into a massive 8 footer and proceeding to disappear for what seemed like forever before popping out the end in a blast of spray. Cheers went up all around, but then the bittersweet realization that the camera gear was still in cases under a pile of surfboards in the front of the boat.

Fired up by witnessing such a long and massive barrel, the rest of the surfers wasted no time in jumping into the water and heading out into the lineup.  But with  such a sizable swell there is always a price to be paid, and before long Raditya Rondi had already broken both his boards!  Thankfully Kopling had a spare in the boat so Rondi could continue the session, though he had to wait out the back for the bigger sets on the much larger board.  The next day he added to his board breaking total by snapping Kopling’s board as well…though it wasn’t his fault as another surfer dropped in on him and the board broke as he straighented out and was pummeled by the lip.  To his credit, the at fault surfer did give his board to Rondi and paddled himself in on the snapped half, so luckily Rondi wasn’t resigned to watching the others have all the fun for the rest of the day.

Day Two saw the swell drop down into the 4-6 foot range, but with perfect medium sized barrels rolling in by the hundreds.  It was very easy to lose track of who was on what wave at any point in time, but the barrel catching prize certainly went to Garut Widiarta, who just couldn’t seem to get enough time in the shade.  Though he also broke a board halfway through the session, he borrowed Riman’s spare board and proceeded to go another barrel frenzy until the tide got too low and it was time to head back to camp for some food and cold beers.

After two days of pumping waves, most of the crew took the third day off to just rest and relax around the camp as the swell was down to a rare 3-4 foot set wave.  Rina, Dede and Riman went out for surf, but the small and inconsistent sets had them back in camp after an hour or so to watch TV (the National Geographic ‘Science of Stupid’ show was a big hit), some video clips of the days before on Sean’s laptop, and just relax and swap stories until dinner time.

Later that evening they were all asked for their thoughts about the trip and what they would remember the most about it.  Here are their replies:

Raditya Rondi: “This was such a great trip.  It was one of the very best trips of my life for sure.  I wasn’t expecting to have such a perfect trip with such perfect waves and such a perfect crew.

I’ll always remember how much fun we had together.  Breaking 3 boards in two days of course I’ll remember, but mostly I’ll remember how much fun we all had.”

Dede Suryana:  “I had so much fun, so stoked to be here.  I flew from Cimaja to Bali, then from Bali straight to G-land.  When we got here we paddled out into 6-8 foot pumping waves…it was so good.  So stoked to be on this trip with the best surfers in Asia.

I will never forget the first barrel I got on that first day….and one on the second day also, where I had a late take off straight into barrel, then a full stand up before the exit, and getting spit out.  It’s the best backside barrel I’ve had in awhile, for sure so far this year.”

Garut Widiarta: “This trip was pretty much the best trip I’ve had in a few years, no doubt. I’ve been to Deserts, Super’s and other places, but this is the most perfect long and barreling wave of all.  So good!

What will I remember most?  Getting 20 barrels in like 2 hours.  I can’t imagine getting that many barrels ever in a session.  It was such an epic day.  It was like Disneyland out there, like going on a roller coaster for hours…super exciting!”

Wayan “Kopling” Wirtama (38 years old): “Bagus!  The best trip in my life!  So happy.  I hope I can keep winning the Masters Division so I can come on more trips like this!

Best waves, lot of surfboards and leashes breaking, and tubes, tubes, tubes!”

Rina Kitazawa (20 years old): “There were such perfect waves, and even though it was hard for me on my backside sometimes, it was an awesome experience to be surfing with Raditya, Dede, Garut, Kopling and Riman, the best surfers in Asia.

These were the biggest waves I’ve ever surfed in!  It was scary, but it was very good for me.”

Riman (16  years old):  “I’m so happy to be here, so lucky I got invited by the ASC to come on the trip.  The waves were so good, so amazing, and all the people here at the camp treated me so nice.

I’m going to remember this trip because I got smashed (by the waves), and because I got the best waves of my life!”

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