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Mega Semadhi Surfer Profile by Indo Inc Productions


Mega Semadhi is the Winner of The 2013 Rip Curl Padang Padang Cup Winner.

Semadhi, a Pecatu (Bukit Peninsula) local, was absolutely ecstatic with his win in his 10th Rip Curl Cup appearance, as he was so close to tasting victory the year before just to have it snatched away from him in the final seconds by California’s Chris Ward.

“This win means so much to me, here at my home and in front of my family, and because of last year too”, said Semadhi at the last Padang Padang Cup

The Rip Curl Cup has a longstanding tradition of running in only the best waves with the best tuberiders in the world, which at a wave like Padang Padang requires a lot of patience.  Will Padang Padang prove again this year that it can deliver one of the best barrel riding experience?


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Video in 2014: going live and over the top


The convergence of new technologies and new tools for monetizing live-streamed video are setting the stage for rapid growth in large-scale live streaming over the next five years.

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Interview Sean Gilhooley, Owner of Indo Inc Productions

Thursday, 3rd July 2014

Why did you choose shooting and video editing for your professional career?

The first time I touched a camera was when I was 10 year old. My dad rented a camera to make a video of us to show our family back in Scotland.

I enjoyed it from the start. What I like about shooting is trying to recreate things I see and the way i experience them. I have not done any other kind of work in the last 7 years, and i constantly learn more about cinematography. It became more than just a passion, I couldn’t think about doing something else, not anymore.

What is your best memory as a videographer?

My best memory was when I Just started to shoot in the water. I swam in Uluwatu, pretty far away, about a kilometre past temples temples. I was filming some pro surfers, and the water was very clear. I decided to turn the camera in my face shoot myself with the barrel coming over me, when I came back home to Australia and I looked at the shots, I looked very happy. That precise moment made me want to come back to Indo and just do that full time. It was one of those times I said to myself this is what I should do for a living.

What is your worse memory as a videographer?

My worse memory as a videographer was when I drowned a camera in the Mentawais. It was a Canon 7D, I was very tired and I didn’t fix the water housing properly. I jumped in the water very quick and it was not ready. It drowned inside the Water housing. It was a very bad feeling.

What is the key of a good video?

A good video is a video that will get people Attention. Nowadays everybody is bombarded with information. If you stay close to the principle of good cinematography, focus on who your audience is, and aim on pleasing that audience, you might just get close to their attention.

Also its cool when people get there own style and way of presenting things, I only see this strong in people who film a lot, because the technical side becomes second nature so this free’s up there creativity and individuality.

Work hard for your shots, go that extra mile, climb the rocks to get a better angle, get your camera dirty to get the shot, stand in the sun, use different techniques, experiment, take high risk shots (shots that may not work but pay off if they do).

Always find it funny when i see guys shooting video in a carpark at the beach with them sitting in the boot of the car, like that was by co-incidence the best angle.

Learn how cameras work With what camera are you working?

Sony NES FS700 that has options for a very high slow motion capture. Panasonic GH2 called “run and gun”. GoPro Hero 3+ And a classic Canon 7D What is your favourite movie? Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn He is a great Director. He can have a scene where there is a guy with his back to you not doing anything for 30 seconds and it is still entertaining,, that is pretty good.

Five Tips about making a video

Online videos have experienced steady growth over the last few years, and advertisers are taking note.   According to YouTube, owned by Google (GOOG), 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute and more than 6 billion hours of video are watched each month.Image

If you want your video to stand out in the crowd, you need to follow a few rules of proper videography.

  1. Use a tripod, use a tripod, use a tripod.

The dead give-away of a non-professional video is the lack of a TRIPOD. When shooting, do not swing your camera back and forth in a dizzying manner. If you want to pan left to right, or tilt up and down, do it slowly and evenly. You can always speed the shot up in post production if you need to. A Balance image is the key

  1. Content is what the viewer is interested about. You need to provide content that creates curiousity.

3. Obtain great interviews by respecting the pause. Create Journalistic content, and try to be at the viewers place: “What would he want to hear about?”

4. Great transitions. You want your piece to flow. Yes, titles and captions need to look cutting-edge but not every transition has to be a clock wipe or a white flash. You can use those when the footage calls for it. Let the footage tell the story and don’t distract the viewer with unnecessary effects.

5. Prior to shooting your video, you need to decide if it’s worth devoting the kind of time that it will require. If you don’t feel passionate about it, or if a client is not paying you well to do it, and if you don’t see yourself staying up late into the night editing it, or don’t feel it’s going to change your life, then don’t do it. Just wait until you get an idea in mind that you don’t mind “marrying” until it’s not only “in the can,” but “in the box” and “in the hands” of friends and loved ones. Believe me, it’s going to take up a lot more of your time than you think it will.

Of course there are many more things to learn about the ins and outs of video production, such as sound, shooting outdoors, shooting in studio, working with artists, etc., but with these five tips in mind, you can at least get started.



Why a video productions in Bali?


As a video production company in Bali  we at INDO INC PRODUCTIONS aim to be unique progressive in all our video productions.

One of our strengths is that we have the ability to place a camera man in a water environment to get Stunning video images that are a asset to any video advertising project like villa, hotels, product, sporting event, surfing, diving, music video clip, tv shows and movies, just to name a few .

Being a video production company in Bali, Indonesia gives us a passion for water as we are on a island surrounded by beautiful waves and dive spots.

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