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Indo Inc Productions makes The dream of the Bali Bible a Reality

For many the mere mention of Bali evokes thoughts of a paradise that is immersed in sun, beauty and culture. It is so much more than just a tropical sun drenched holiday destination; it’s a mood, its an addiction, it’s an overpowering sense of belonging that only those who have travelled there will truly understand.

For those who don’t know Bali, it has its amazing beaches, surf breaks, resorts, villas and some of the best restaurants in the world, but it’s the essence of Bali – and the Balinese – that makes this destination so much more than just a holiday from reality. For those who know Bali, they will have experienced that it is the one place where you can truly lose yourself; the culture, the atmosphere and the warm-hearted people. In this video we have only captured a snapshot of what Bali has to offer but hopefully showcases in a positive light what REALLY happens in Bali.

Words by: The Bali Bible

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Indo Inc Productions Partner with Go Pro for the next INDO Film

Indo Inc Productions announces GoPro as the official camera sponsor for next INDO film, due for release in 2015.

Indo Inc founder and filmmaker Sean Gilhooley is very excited about the new sponsorship saying, “We are stoked to have such a high quality and exciting product involved in our next film, for with the quality of new GoPro cameras and the angles you can get with them we can create some mind blowing sections.” 

He went on to add, “After getting such a great response to our first INDO film, we really wanted to raise the standard for the next one, so we invested in lots of new equipment and hooked up with GoPro to make sure the production quality was top notch. The boys were frothing when I told them we are hunting GoPro shots for the next film, and so they have been very active with the units, bagging heaps of shots for the film.”

Gilhooley shoots free surfing around Bali and other parts of Indonesia, as well as accompanies Asia’s top pro surfers to ASC tour event locations, where he captures footage of both the contests and free surfing action as the Asian Surfing Championship’s official Video Director.  Locations on the 2014 ASC will include the Maldives, India, Philippines, Taiwan and Malaysia. “Shooting in these Asian locations is a dream come true as it gives such a wide spectrum of possibilities in addition to the different trips we already have planned around Indonesia.  This will ensure super sick action in the next film,” Gilhooley concluded.

GoPro Sr Sports Marketing Manager, Adam Instone is delighted to bring GoPro into the fold saying, “We are stoked to be involved in the next film and bring some unique on-board angles into the mix. The location, surfers, and vibe of the film all fit perfectly with GoPro and its products. We’re excited to get people fired up to get outside and enjoy their surroundings.”

Indo Inc is extremely honored to be a part of the GoPro movement and partner up with the company on this film.

Check out the below from Indo Inc:

GoPro & Indo Inc Productions Partnership Video

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Sean Gilhooley

Asian Surfing Championships
Video Director

p: +62 8533 9028 632


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Why tell a story through a Video


Another way beside photos are videos. It is another effective way to connect with an audience. Videos allow you to tell your story visually. Like our Video Production in Bali,  Indo Inc Productions, we grow with the technology, and we can now create your professional and personal looking videos without making you break a bank.

Here are some ways we can incorporate video into your story telling strategy:

– Instead of the usual photo and text formatted post, add a video of your company as part of your about page.

– Take advantage of the popularity of social video sharing sites like Vine and Instagram. Not only are they cost effective, but you are also able to connect with people where they are already engaged.

– Note that Youtube is the second best Search Engine after Google

– Consider using UGC or (User Generated Content) as part of your story telling strategy. Create contests or ask your readers or customers to send in their videos related to a campaign you’re running. This way they can participate by telling their stories too and feel like a real part of your community.

We want to help you share your story to the world. We want to make you show all your company’s potential. Our Vision at Indo Inc Productions is making your visions come to life.

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The Power of Story Telling: Content Strategy Tweaks Businesses Can Implement Today

– – – Give Bali a Fair Go – – – By The Bali Bible

– – – Give Bali a Fair Go – – –

The Bali Bible – The Ultimate Guide to Bali. Visit their website today:

The Bali Bible and its partners are teaming up to campaign against Channel 7 and other media agencies who are running these relentless, negative and biased portrayals of Bali.

The Bali Bible and our partners feel the continued display of Bali to Australian viewers has appeared deliberate and unfairly highlights the very few negatives of what is largely a beautiful island. Our objective now is to bring more attention to the positives about Bali and educate Australian tourists on the wonderful things Bali has to offer by showcasing those special places, venues and locations that are truly special.

Channel Sevens new “observational-documentary series” titled “What Really Happens in Bali” is apparently a revolutionary series showcasing a “no-holds-barred look at what really goes down in Australia’s favourite tourist destination” and how dangerous Bali is for tourists… unfortunately, it seems to be just another beat up on Bali likened to its previous “Bali – The Dark Side”.

Now, for those who are still reading, the journalists at Channel 7 could have quickly realised by doing some research on the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2012 statistics that Bali was infact one of the safest places per capita for Aussies to holiday abroad.

Provided below are some basic statistics in order of most Aussie deaths on holidays per visitors:

– Greece 1/1633
– Germany 1/1853
– Philippines 1/2808
– Vietnam 1/5351
– Thailand 1/5603
– Hong Kong 1/5725
– China 1/10026
– USA 1/16121
– UK 1/17462
– Bali 1/20435

For those who are fortunate enough to have been to Bali, the mere mention of Bali evokes thoughts of a paradise that is immersed in sun, beauty and culture. It is so much more than just a tropical sun drenched holiday destination; it’s a mood, it’s an addiction, it’s an overpowering sense of belonging that only those who have travelled there will truly understand.

With an ever evolving landscape in Bali and so many new venues popping up on the island it is now saturated with some of the worlds trendiest restaurants, its beaches and night life are second to none and its freewheeling leadership in the arenas of fashion and design allow you to submerse yourself in a luxury and lifestyle some would otherwise only ever dream of, albeit for a fraction of the price back at home. This, right here – is what we want to showcase!

We put it to Channel 7 and those other media agencies to experience the bucket list and get out of their shell to experience the amazing positives this beautiful island, the people and its culture, has to offer… for a teaser, why not check out the following video by Indo Inc Productions

For those interested in exploring Bali or getting on board our campaign to stop the Australian media agencies relentless negative portrayal of Bali, share this post and lets hit back at the big media giants who are damaging such a beautiful islands reputation.

If you want more information on Bali for your trip or to see a few of the Bucket List items that Channel 7 obviously didn’t do

By: The Bali Bible Team