– – – Give Bali a Fair Go – – – By The Bali Bible

– – – Give Bali a Fair Go – – –

The Bali Bible – The Ultimate Guide to Bali. Visit their website today: http://www.thebalibible.com/

The Bali Bible and its partners are teaming up to campaign against Channel 7 and other media agencies who are running these relentless, negative and biased portrayals of Bali.

The Bali Bible and our partners feel the continued display of Bali to Australian viewers has appeared deliberate and unfairly highlights the very few negatives of what is largely a beautiful island. Our objective now is to bring more attention to the positives about Bali and educate Australian tourists on the wonderful things Bali has to offer by showcasing those special places, venues and locations that are truly special.

Channel Sevens new “observational-documentary series” titled “What Really Happens in Bali” is apparently a revolutionary series showcasing a “no-holds-barred look at what really goes down in Australia’s favourite tourist destination” and how dangerous Bali is for tourists… unfortunately, it seems to be just another beat up on Bali likened to its previous “Bali – The Dark Side”.

Now, for those who are still reading, the journalists at Channel 7 could have quickly realised by doing some research on the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2012 statistics that Bali was infact one of the safest places per capita for Aussies to holiday abroad.

Provided below are some basic statistics in order of most Aussie deaths on holidays per visitors:

– Greece 1/1633
– Germany 1/1853
– Philippines 1/2808
– Vietnam 1/5351
– Thailand 1/5603
– Hong Kong 1/5725
– China 1/10026
– USA 1/16121
– UK 1/17462
– Bali 1/20435

For those who are fortunate enough to have been to Bali, the mere mention of Bali evokes thoughts of a paradise that is immersed in sun, beauty and culture. It is so much more than just a tropical sun drenched holiday destination; it’s a mood, it’s an addiction, it’s an overpowering sense of belonging that only those who have travelled there will truly understand.

With an ever evolving landscape in Bali and so many new venues popping up on the island it is now saturated with some of the worlds trendiest restaurants, its beaches and night life are second to none and its freewheeling leadership in the arenas of fashion and design allow you to submerse yourself in a luxury and lifestyle some would otherwise only ever dream of, albeit for a fraction of the price back at home. This, right here – is what we want to showcase!

We put it to Channel 7 and those other media agencies to experience the bucket list and get out of their shell to experience the amazing positives this beautiful island, the people and its culture, has to offer… for a teaser, why not check out the following video by Indo Inc Productionshttp://vimeo.com/88880967

For those interested in exploring Bali or getting on board our campaign to stop the Australian media agencies relentless negative portrayal of Bali, share this post and lets hit back at the big media giants who are damaging such a beautiful islands reputation.

If you want more information on Bali for your trip or to see a few of the Bucket List items that Channel 7 obviously didn’t do explore:www.thebalibible.com/bucket-list

By: The Bali Bible Team


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